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Welcome to Nadantas website on traditional healing and community wellness. we teach tantra to create healthful environmental surroundings, the Healing Spiritual practice and its connection with Nature . We thank you for your graciousness to go through this site and for your willingness to know more about  oldest and most  important ancient practice of worshipping the nature called the healing Srividya sampradaya which is the path of enjoyment and Liberation practiced by Sri Nadanta . In this site you will find information about  the oldest forms of practices of tribal system of westen ghats to present Ayurveda andTantra shastra  attained by Swami Nadanta . Swami nadantas tradition of Srividya worship helps you to be one with the universe. By the grace of our Guru lineage you will realize that you are the supreme creator, you will realize that you are none other than the supreme cosmic consciousness. we also teach  Srividya yogic and tantrik  practice where induvidual or sadhakas train their mind or introduces a mode of consiousness either to realize their true nature or to benifit material gains and fullfill desire which is hindrance for absolute goal . It is also technique designed to promote relaxaztion, build internal energy or life force which is called as prana in tantrism and ayurveda to develop love, beauty,patience, forgivness etc.


Traditional Healing and community wellness

learn and practice

Srividya yoga sadhana

The secret of srividya and all Mahavidyas are buried deep in shastras which are written in palm leafs manuscripts. Nadanta was blessed in this path of enjoyment and liberation by his grand father who was great Tantrik practitioner, Spiritual Guru who later attained Datta avadhoota vritti.  With the blessing of gurumandala from himlayan masters and immense practice of mantrashastra ,tantra and  intutive grasp of the fundamentals and connecting the divine through deep meditational techniques, he was able to link with the dateless past of this mystic tantrashastra  practices which leads  in to the divine Bliss. He has  decoded many secrets from manuscripts with the blessings of vagiswari the goddess of knowledge and Guruparampara .Nadanta  practice srividya sadhana in samhara krama from bhupara   to bindhu (absorbtion) where goddess sit in ragatma red Lotus  called maha Tripurasundari with kameswara . After practicing Sri  krama and her sadhana till  paradeavata archana,  then his worship was deep into pancha shoonya mandala,the five circle of void where kalasankarshini maha kali is worshipped with mahakal in karaveera smashana . 

Absolute freedom
Sarvatantra swatantra

Worship of nature to attain pure consciousness or higher self in which we can go beyond all sufferings   and pain ,gaining release of cycle of rebirth is called as Srividya or Brahmavidya . This  highest spiritual truth of shakta matha was taught by Adinatha (mahadeva)to Vishnu, vishnu to brahmadeva, brahmadeva to Sanakadi munis and later vishnu incarnated as Sri dattatreya ,the Lord of avadhootas and taught to Parasurama and parasurana to Haritayana.. haritayana compiled Tripura rahasyam /haritayana samhita which is the supreme text of shakta matha or tripura siddhanta which talks about Srividya /brahmavidya the worship of the supreme being as mother goddess Sri lalita Maha Tripurasundari. This tantra or shakta sytem teaches the supreme reality is none other Abstract intelligence( self luminous and unlimited nature) Prakash and no other can exist apart from it in oder to reveal it and the apparent variety is only vimarsha and gross aspect of it is absolute freedom known as swatantra, which at times unfold as pure self as cosmos and other times withdraw as itself and remains un manifested which is called shiva and shakti creation and dissolution. the practitioner of srividya become sarvatantra swatantra. 

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worship of Divine Nature 
Prapancha Yaga

Our ancient cultural sysytem and religious practice, worshipped rivers ,mountains ,trees ,animals and earth mother .earth is seen as the manifestation of goddess. Pancha maha butas ,Space ,air,fire, water and earth is seen as interconnected web of life . human body is seen as connected to these

pancha bhutas through earth/nose, tongue/water, eyes/fire, skin/air and ear/space.we seen nature bounded and inseperable part of existance .our practice and culture felt the presence of god in Nature ,so webuild temple which was center  for cultural and religious practice  that maintained strong communal and spiritual practice to protect forest in the form of nagakavu and nakshatra vanam,water in the form of kulam and chiras (pond). we loved Animals and worshipped them at gaushalas etc .We followers of Hindu systems never seen religion and ecology and ethics as seperate .we beleived environmental actions effects our karma . we had very good eco spiritual understanding.our higher practices of tantra and yogic wisdom sees universe as manifesatation  divine energy . in higher practices we worship the entire universe in the form of prapancha yaga .we humans always benifited from earth and should offer gratitude and protection to her.

Connecting to 
Higher Self 

The Purusha or Para shiva which is  pure consciousness is the witness behind the process of nature . where prakriti or Para shakti or nature is of diverse actions like sattva the intelligence, rajas the  energy and actions and tamas which is inertia or materialistic aspect of world . these  three gunas are the predominal forces behind cosmic evolution which is called Para Apara and Parapara. only at the sate of Para or pure  sattva which is the knowledge and  clarity of higher mind we reach higher self called Para shiva or Purusha . This tradition of nadanta  teaches practice of  inner yoga of shakta matha  called Srividya  for cultivation of sattva guna

we teach
Art of healing 

In Ayurveda and tantrashastra  three gunas called sattva rajas and tamas plays major role .It combinations give rise to five elements called pancha mahabutas . From this panchamahabutas rises three doshas in our body according to ayurveda which is the main reason for disease. Vata can be seen as wind and kalpha as moister and pitta as heat and their interaction creates the weather pattern on earth. That is why in the text called Arogya kalpadruma says that we have to live in harmony with nature and choose  food provided by the nature according to the ritus(season). This three doshas also  influence our internal climate which leads to imbalance which ends ill health. Other factors what we see is  dhatus and their major role  in ayurveda  and dhatus and   yoginis  influence  to it in shakta tantra, as twak dhatu (skin) , Rakta dhatu(blood), mamsa dhatu(muscles),meda dhatu (fat), Ashti dhatu (bones), majja dhatu (nerves) Shukradhatu ( reproductive organs) . Tissues of plasma and blood is effected by nutrition where inner tissue of nerve and reproduction effected by our behaviour, how we develop our mind and relate other humans .muscles fat and bone is strongly effected by our behaviour pattern like exercises and postures. Srividya practice of meditation and yoga and Ayurveda recipes in puja , visualisation chakras in our body  can help us to change behavioural patterns unlocking prana and their smooth flow . Phycological problems and addictions which are  rooted in the joints ,bones , nerves etc gets cured automatically when vital prana flows through yogic practices.

Sri Arjunan Gurukkal

 Arjun Karunakaran (Sri Nadanta Anandanatha) is Researcher ,Spiritual life coach, and consultant . Left his high flying career in  MNC to pursue his passion in Ancient Eco Spiritual life practices and training . His deep knowledge in Indian spiritual science and 23 years of practice in the traditional system of Srividya/Shaktism . He lives with Spiritual principals from tantra shastras  and trains others to be happy and  fulfil their goals. Spiritual coach is some one helps you in deeper level to change your life . Even though all spiritual coach respect that we all have our own spiritual belief it will be good to have one who is the same path and belief . this will allow you smooth journey in your spiritual life . Nadanta is from the Indian spiritual tradition of shaktism and Srividya practice. As per nadanta “It is the birth right of every human being to be connected to the universal mother.Similarly it is the right of a person to become wealthy and knowledgeable. Nadantas spiritual practices of yogic sampradaya connects an individual to the universal mother who in turn showers knowledge ,health, wealth, material,enjoyment and Liberation ”.

The final goal

 Jivan mukhta 

The vessel that contains spices might retain the impressions of the aroma which is not serviceble as condiments for cooking. In the same manner freed, who is anchored in the will of god due to his embodie condition and also because of prarabdha has not ceased, wordly desire may rise through sheer force of habit . But as the freed is established in god, the consequence of prarabdha donot amount any thing. The vasanas doesnot get hold as a seed for the future and consequently does not germinate

Power of Transmutation  

Like the salty sea water that turns sweet when drunk by the clouds , secret meditation in tantra turns your sexuality intohigher realms which turns physical exsistance into non physical, our bitter experiance of world  is turned into sweet  nectar like experiance of nirvana. smasara becomes nirvana. only Thing is you have to create the cloud( meditative energy). going into deep meditation dropping all thoughts and desires with your consciousness which is the burning fire. now you can transmute any thing with that fire which is alchemical.Through this process of meditation or higher consciousness the lower becomes higher,The base metal is turned into gold.

Aum Tat Sat

Amba Sahayam