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Welcome to Swami Nadanta's website on Traditional Healing Therapy and Community Wellness Initiative, focussing on Tantric strategy to frame a spiritual and healthy environment. We thankyou for your avidity to know more about Prakriti Pujan (Physiolatry) and Sandhana Karana ( Healing Practice) through Sri Vidya Sampradaya. This is an encyclopedia, revealing the Tribal Therapeutic System of Western Ghats along with Modern  Ayurveda  Vidya and Ancient Tantra Shastra practiced by Swami Sri Tripura Sri Amba Sahita Sri Nadanta Ananda Nathar.

By the grace of our Guru lineage, the self realization of you as the Supreme Creator can be attained. Sri Vidya Sadhana is a Tantric Yogic practice where an  individual or the Sadhaks train their mind as a mode of consciousness neither for material gains nor the fullfillment of  wishes, which are the hindrances for the absolute goal . It is a technique actually designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force, referred as Prana in Tantra and Ayurveda for nurturing  the concept of love , elegance, virtue, stoicism  and empathy.



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Divine Nature (Mother Earth)is an embodiment of Prakriti Herself; the epitome of vitalizing and nurturing attributes as Janani (mother). Nature Connectedness is feasible only when humans comprehend their life's close-knit association with the environment. According to Shivapurana 2.2.26 and 2.2.27, 'Prapancha' and 'Yagna' denote 'Universe' and 'Worship' respectively. Its a ritual where Agni Dev, (the Fire God) acts as the intermediary between mortals and the immortals.

Pancha Bhutas or Five Elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space frame both the individual human body as well as the greater cosmic body. These are interconnected with Pancha Tanmatras or Five Essences termed as Shabda (Sound), Sparsha (Touch), Roopa (Vision), Rasa (Taste) and Gandha (Smell).

In our cultural and religious tradition, the natural sources such as rivers, mountains, trees and animals are worshipped perceiving the mystic dimensions. Hence the spiritual practice of preserving fresh water bodies as Kulam & Chiras and sturdy forest in the form of Naga Kavu & Nakshatra Vanam exist.
Due to the cognizance of the Cosmic Consciousness, the construction of devalayas (temples) for universal power and the worship of animals along with the deities are performed.

As the human race benefited the most from Prakriti, we should contribute to the ecological, genetic, social, economic, scientific, educational, cultural, recreational and aesthetic aspects for Nature's sustainability and harmony, there by offering our gratitude.



Dr. Arjun Karunakaran (Sri Nadanta Ananda Natha) is a Tantra Researcher, Spiritual Life Coach and Yogic Consultant with a profound mastery over Indian Spiritual Science and 26 years of practice in Sri Vidya Tradition/ Shaktism.

Swamiji is entitled as Nadanta Ananda Natha whilst the deeksha and Pari poorna kalalsham ceremony, amidst his Sri Vidya Sadhana culmination.
'Nadanta' refers to 'Nataraja, an incarnation of Shiva and the god of dramatic arts'. The etymological meaning, 'end of the sound' portrays the phase when Nada dissolves into Energy for the attainment of Samadhi (Contemplation). 'Ananda Natha' connotes 'the one who experiences bliss in Natha Tradition, whose origin is from ancient Siddha Sampradaya'.

According to Swami Nadanta, “It is the legacy of every earthling to own a cosmic connection with our Divine Mother'. His spiritual practices of Yogic sampradaya connects an individual to the Universal Mother who in turn bestows erudition, vigour, opulence, contentment and liberation.


Like the Saline water transfigure to Saccharine water when filtered by the clouds, sacred Tantric meditation alters your sensuality, physiological, bitter experiences, samsara into spiritual, psychological, cosmic nectar and nirvana respectively. In order to illuminate our inner blaze, create the cloud ( trance energy) relinquishing the pessimistic thoughts and worldly pleasures. Through the process of meditation, the lower consciousness transforms into higher consciousness, hence the metamorphosis of human soul.



The Worship of Nature for the acquisition of pure consciousness or higher self in order to eradicate the hardships and misery, there by gaining moksha from the cycle of rebirth is Sri Vidya or Brahmavidya . This eternal verity of Shakta Matha was imparted by Adi Natha (Maha Dev) to Maha Vishnu , Maha Vishnu to Brahma Deva, Brahma Deva to Sanakadi Munis, Sri Dattatreya (Lord Vishnu's incarnation, who is the Lord of Avadhutas) to Parasu Ram and Parasu Ram to Haritayana. Haritayana compiled Tripura Rahasyam/ Haritayana Samhita, the remarkable text of Shakta Matha or Tripura Siddhanta that depicts Sri Vidya practice and tradition of worshipping the Universal Power as Mother Goddess, Sri Lalita Maha Tripurasundari.

In Tantric system, the 'Absolute/ Ultimate Reality' is 'Purusha' or 'Param Shiva', hence elucidated as 'Prakasha' , where as 'Prakriti' or 'Para Shakti' denoted to be 'Vimarsha' is the 'Self-contemplation of the Absolute Reality'. As one of the Shakta Tantric text, the Kamakala Vilasa defines, "Vimarsha is the mirror in which Prakasha reviews itself". The merging of Prakasha (the Static Supreme Consciousness) with Vimarsha (the Dynamic Self Consciousness) ensued the concept of  'Svatantryam'. Etymologically, the terms 'Sva' and 'Tantryam' indicate 'Self' and 'Dependence' respectively. It is the absolute power of action or freedom that emnates from the divine energies, Prakasha and Vimarsha, bestowing  the Sri Vidya practitioner  'Sarvatantra Svatantrya'.



As stated in Ayurveda and Tantra Shastra, Prakriti (Nature) is an equilibrium of the three Gunas or unique energetic forces namely Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. These three signify Pancha Maha Bhutas emerged by Panchikaranama (combination) of the five supreme elements, i.e. Prithvi (Earth), Jala (Water), Agni (Fire), Vayu (Air) and Akash (Space).

The aforementioned five elements merge to form Three Doshas or Tri Doshas that control the functional aspects of the human body and their imbalance result in various ailments. Tri Doshas referred to be as Vatta (Akash + Vayu Mahabhutas), Pitta (Agni + Jala Mahabhutas) and Kapha (Jala + Prithvi Mahabhutas) are associated with Wind, Heat & Moist respectively. Hence in the text Arogya Kalpadruma, it has been quoted that maintain a harmonious life with the Mother Earth and consume natural edibles according to rithu (season).

Ayurveda defines that Soma (body) is formed by Sapta Dhatus (Seven Tissues) and are regulated by Tri Doshas.
They are;
1. Rasa Dhatu - Tissue Fluids/ Plasma 
2. Rakta Dhatu - Blood
3. Mamsa Dhatu - Muscle
4. Meda Dhatu - Fat & Connective Tissues
5. Asthi Dhatu - Bone Tissue
6. Majja Dhatu - Bone Marrow
7. Shukra Dhatu - Reproductive System

Sri Vidya practice of Yoga meditation and specific Ayurveda techniques enhance our behavioural patterns, there by unlocking Prana for its smooth flux. Precisely Psychological as well as Physical issues can be alleviated and healed by ensuing our traditional methodology.

Aum Tat Sat

Amba Sahayam

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