Shakta Aham Yoga Foundation @ Meppad

Non Profit organisation/Charitqble Trust

SAY Foundation is formed on Narasimha Jayanti 9 th may 2017 by nadanta to convey informations/instructions , an opinion or feeling or  assume something in order to work out for empowering youths, our cultural and spirituality, After  four years of reseach and analysis Nadanta decided to form an organisation which is purely non profitable. Research and Analysis has found spiritual dimension can be cause of up to 75 % of our  problem in life .If we are not taking in to account the spiritual dimension yogic healing ,we miss 75% . Foundation  educate Aspirants on spiritual dimention through shakta Aham Yoga  program  . SAY Yoga is Srividya Applied Yoga  to acheive everlasting happiness called ananda or bliss.  In many areas of our life we find difficult to move forward beacause of unknown energy pattern or un known conscious patterns which keep us awy from being the best selves (shakta Aham). By practice of Shakta philosophy and its Srividya Applied Yogic practice we can explore more on energie patterns  and understand in better way from where is it comes and  influence us and how we can shift it through shatkarmas. Srividya Applied Yogic Philosophy teaches the expansion of consiouness throgh the process of yoga. Yoga is not exercise or Asana ,yoga means union of induvidual consiousness  with universal consiousness. Srividya Applied Yoga practice helps you to expand to the level of universal consiousness called Shakti  the universal mother and you become Shakta. This is the satge called Shakta Ahma or I am shakta  , which means am expanding the consiousness to the levelof shakti which is the universal mother .this leads to self awarness , fullness , and bliss. shakta Ahma means from limited to the expanded or unlimited consiousness