Vama Practice at Gurunaths place

August 25, 2016



Meppad mantrashala or kalari temple of uttara kerel desha   is the Guru sthana of nadantas guru tradition where nadanta practiced kula system with pancha tattwas ,this temple is related to Shakta matha  and Kaula marga. Goddess jagadatri Maha Durga of Jagadamba ( Sri porkali the war goddess) is the main Diety. Temple is famous for the main pratishta as Yoga Durga which is diety for shanti (peace) and yogam (union) and Mahagurumandala pratishta and their srichakra aradhana. Shiva shakti Samaradha which is the done in linga and yoni (bindu peetam )and srividyopasana (kalimata) which is practiced in Veer  bhava. The vama puja and panchamakara puja  still happens in the Temple.  Ganapati sadhana and pancha moorthies are also worshipped for mantrika kriyas by gurukkals  . Outside southern side of the temple badra kali is worshipped with dyana of Rakta in  chamunda vidhana. I was blessed by the parampara and devi to go in depth of the sampradaya of  paraprasad sri vidya after  geting  poorna deeksha from datta parampara, Guruji   Amritananda natha saraswathy of saharakshi peetam which hails from siddha peetam of himalayas.  According to my understanding  Main diety is actually shanti moorthy ,that means which brings shanti (peace )to all, she is also called Yogeswari ,Aushadeeshi and Amriteshi .For normal people she is chatur bhuja durga which helps us to reach our goals both in material or spiritual, she is chamund or chandi for astakarmas to fight inner and external enemies. she is worshipped as  same chandi of   durga saptashati which is called as Sri porkali. For higher tantriks who reach the state of bhairavas   she is  Shoolini maha Durga which is the most terrific form of Durga as bhairavai  . Amba  has given darshan to my grandfather in the form of  Shoolini mahadurga with ashta bhairavas.


Temple opens in the morning 3.30am for  and closess by 7.30 am for daily puja. Puja starts with abhishekam for Durga ,Gurumandalam, linga ,yoni and srichakra and ganapathy and pancha moorthies and bhadrakali and ends with naivedyam ,archana and karpoora arati. Abhisheka tirtham is brought from manikinar . On Auspicious ocassion like Shakti samaradhana Temple opens as usual for daily puja then folowed by  Durga puja where durga is worshipped as chaturbuja and goddess yoga marga  . Then second puja happens acording to saptashati where she is ugra moorthy with vellari nivedyam. Then  Bali puja and Tarpana is peformed  infront of badrakali peetaam for chamunda. Mundam is offered to kali and trapana for ashta kali ,  bhairava and asta bhairavai. this aslo resembels yoga prakriya. Then shiva sakti Samaradhana or lalita Mahatripurasundari puja on srichakra as Paradevata archana according to kularanava kriya paddhati and Tripura rahasyam. It is done with pancha tatwas according to pancha makara veera bhavam. aradhana ends with kapala sadhana and mandala archana . once this is finished temple will be closed for that day.


Sadhakas who follows shakta dharma and initiated in vama and veerabhava is allowed in the to  shakta mandapam (not gardhagriha) for kapalasadhana and mandala archana . shudhi and karana  is given to sadhakas for Guru tarpanas and sampradaya tarpana and pushpanjali which followed by charvanam and panam of shuddhi and sudha  with mantra meditation Ishta devata, dasamahavidhaya , bhairava, yoginis, etc.This is only allowed for mantra  initiates of  shakta sampradayis . sadhakas can enter mandapa only they have a practice of tantriki sandhya, tattwashodana and shakti mantra japam. Females are allowed just with shakti pavitrikaranam. not initiated  and pashus are not allowed in mandala archana. The tantrik who expose kula rituals and give kapala with shuddi to  pashus and bhaktas who accept kapala without iniiations and knowing tattwa shodana ,both are disqualified from the system of kula rites and yoginies curses them and eats them slowly which leads to ojja kshayam.


On navaratri trikala puja and special arati happens three times  .On Vijayadasami special saraswathy puja and vidyarambham is performed. Other major yagnas / homam also performed in auspicious days. in ashada month daily ashta Dravya ganapati homam is performed. temple is famous for chakra aradhana , tantrika chandi and shoolini pratyangira  yagna .

bhaktas come here for both spiritual and material goals.  Deeksha in shakta dharama and veera marga is given from the temple .This is the only shakta peetam which gives deeksha in brahmavidya in both samaya and kaula marga and also teach shat karmas . bhaktas also approach for removing troubles , jihva dosha , drishti dosha , removing obstacle , graha shanti , getting childrens , good marraige life, removing enemies etc. as temple follows shaktism and vama marga they beleive  early results will happen because of vamachara (goddess worship)







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