Shrividya Jagatamangala kalasankarshini yagna .

Maya Galyatashu Eti Mangla 



The jagat mangala yagna is performed by nadanta in every four  months  in a year . this is performed  to bring peace and higher conciousness and transformation of entire world in to bliss . this yagana is navavarana worship of srichakra from bhoopura to bindu (srikrama) and all archana on  bindu up to para and then the avarana archana of panchashunya and kalsankarshinai maha kali is the worship of Manglambika or chakra mangaleswari. Her blessings immediately takes you from Maya and gives you the most auspicious hence she is called mangala . This navaratri we wil be performing Jagat Mangala Maha Yagna at Meppad for peace and prosperity for  her bhaktas . 



















This worship  leads to outpouring of consciousness and attaining of oneness (samarasya) by worshipping anutara paduka, Mahachakra magaleswari amba and karaveera smashana natha. Goddes kalasankarshini kali of rurujeet is called mangala because she quickly takes you from maya ( maya galyathashu mangala)She is also called madhu makshika or chandkapalini because she is intensly in madhana with the flow of soma by moving into supreme shunya. She is the five letter mantra( sky of consciousness) in this sampradya which leads to emptiness or karaveera smashana ( cremation ground which is void). she is called samharabhakshini because she is the absorbtion and is worshipped above bindhu. Her main five avaranas are worshipped with her in detail on sriyantra or navayoni.They are the worship of yoginis bhuchari, gochari, Dikchari, khechari and vyomeswari. Ekaveera here is heroic state of unity samarasya and bahu veera is multitude of manifestation, which has destroyed all bhavas. Goddess here is called Kalasankarshini because she is the power of consciousnes which withdraws time into herself and give supreme bliss.

May Lord Mangala bless all of Us and bring jagat mangalam, Universal sky of consiousness and bliss.  


Contributors wil be informed the correct place and time of yagna one month prior to the ritual. direct participant wil be limited seats according to the veneue . rest wil be accomodated in next veneue.there wil be minimum contribution for direct participants which wil be informed later