Spiritual Life Coaching offers you:

  • Helps you in designing  meditation and mind program to achieve your personal and Professional Goal

  • Guruji work with you and train you in mantra japa and yagna  to eliminate any obstacles that stand in your way.

  • Changing the pattern of behaviours by healing the wounds by practicing mantra meditation and yogic process

  • Helps you leave the past and be new and fresh with your daily spiritualpractices 

  • We'll be  with you all the way to success and Spiritual Celebrations of Gratitude

  • Complete healing and to secure and ensure full transformaion of mind body and soulthrough Srividya initiationand practices 

  • implements different methods of training and practices like chakra healing ,mantra chanting, fire ritualas ,water therapy ,yantra empowering etc which suits you for complete empowerment 

Spiritual Life coaching 

Spiritual Life coaching is Bringing the life force called prana shakti into full Action through differnt techniques

A spiritual life coach can help  you  to walk through an entirely different  beautiful path  which gives you ultimate bliss or happiness called Ananda by discovering the essence of love or being one with the universe. They help you to come out of religious belief and becometruely Spiritual and free bird Most importantly, a spiritual life coach will help you learn to trust yourself and your intuition. They will show you how to break free of any beliefs or practices that no longer serve you and no longer resonate with you on a deep level. They will show you how to use your inner self your real Guru as a guide so that you can continue to evolve and grow spiritually in every area of your life.

Ananda Your True Nature


To known about spiritual life we should first understand about the vastness of Bharata Samaskaras / Indian Culture and the life which is gifted by God . It has nothing to do with religion but some practices really opens the door to Spirituality and inner joy and enlightment. Our coaching Starts from small prayers , Simple pujas on Srichakra Meru (Holy pyramid)  ,reading Holy Books Goddess , practising essence of upanishads. chakra meditation , yogini meditation. we coach you from a stage of external practices  to complete inner prtactice where u go deep into ur inner self by attaining pure inner joy called Ananda.

Parachutes flow only when it is open

Crowded thought show week mind where calm mind is the most efficient. Calm mind focus on one thought and disposes then get into other while restless mind works on fragmented thinking. Making your mind with self haeling techniques .purifying and calming your mind to cultivate a mind of loving, kindness and compassion.

Many mistakes and tragedies in life happens  due to doubt and suspicioun. Experiences teaches us loss by trusting is always  less than loss by doubting. Narrowness of mind shows weak mind ,, so widness of mind only will alow to land on corresct destiny. Narrownes of mind may cause fragmentation of mind .fragmentation is caused because lack of understanding , so better understanding gives balanced mind, this balance can be attained by meditationStress is the major problem faced by young, old , ricn and poor. Negativie emotion arises because of  failures or failed expectation. These negative emotions draines our energy and over time wotk of heart.

SAY Yoga is not competitive activity, it’s a self enlightening process

 SAY Yoga is Srividya Applied Yoga  to acheive everlasting happiness called ananda or bliss.  In many areas of our life we find difficult to move forward beacause of unknown energy pattern or un known conscious patterns which keep us awy from being the best selves (shakta Aham). By practice of Shakta philosophy and its Srividya Applied Yogic practice we can explore more on energie patterns  and understand in better way from where is it comes and  influence us and how we can shift it through shatkarmas. Srividya Applied Yogic Philosophy teaches the expansion of consiouness throgh the process of yoga. Yoga is not exercise or Asana ,yoga means union of induvidual consiousness  with universal consiousness. Srividya Applied Yoga practice helps you to expand to the level of universal consiousness called Shakti  the universal mother and you become Shakta. This is the satge called Shakta Ahma or I am shakta  , which means am expanding the consiousness to the levelof shakti which is the universal mother .this leads to self awarness , fullness , and bliss. shakta Ahma means from limited to the expanded or unlimited consiousness 


SAY Tantra mind management - Key to powerful living

Program your mind for the flow of wealth through various strong techniques from Srividya tantra and Srichakra meditation . ​

Connecting to higher intelligence through shiva shakti paduka vidya 

Gopala vidya  with his different mantras on different days for material and spiritual growth. Its also called gopala sundari

Annapoorana vidya for completeness and perfectness from the basic needs to the ultimate flow of soma

Sampatkari vidya for abundance and plentifullness  in life . she takes you from basics to unlimited .

Aswarood vidya to connect to Tripura the beautiful city and attract more pranic energy for fullfilling higher desires and to get liberated .

Shyamala vidya brings you tantric wisdom,  knowledge of Art ,creativity and also makes you intutive

Varahi vidya makes you transendental.Stop reproducing vasanas and thoughts which are like raktabeeja in Saptashati

Shaiva Sundarai  gives you intutive and prediction powers.

Mrityunjaya vidya  of goddess gives you healing powers. this is the most important in ourlife because with stable mind and body only we can acheive our goals 

Shat rasa vidya which helps you to prepare different ayurvedic recepies in Srichakra puja which helps to rejuvenate your body.

Srichakra vidya which is the ultimate mahavidya or super programming or  re engineering your mind and body to life of joy and personal fullfillment

these teachings are from very old Vedic/tantric manuscripts from ndanatas tradition and also knowledge he attained from Bramara guha  

Tantrik coaching for spiritual life empowerment