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Mantra Meditation &  japa yoga Sadhana teaching




Meditation for healing 

heal step 1

Bhuta shuddhi

Duration : 1 hour

Eligibility:  bhuta shuddhi (1 hr)

Mode : online and offline

charges : applicable 

healStep 2 


Duration : 1 hour

Eligibility:  bhuta shuddhi (1 hr)

Mode : online and offline

charges : applicable 

heal step 3 

chakra vidya 

Duration : 1 hour

Eligibility:  pranavidya(1 hr)

Mode : online and offline

charges : applicable 

heal step 4 

Sahasrakshi vidya

Duration : 1 hour

Eligibility:chakra vidya (1 hr)

Mode : online and offline

charges : applicable 


heal step 5

Amara vidya

Duration : 1 hour

Eligibility:  sahasrakshi vidya (1 hr)

Mode : online and offline

charges : applicable 


Mantra Deepti yoga 

techinique of mantra maeditation in three planes and merging of mantra into divine light

 Laya meditation

advance tecnique of shatchakra meditation including mantrapeet asta mandala meditation , soma chakra and kalpavriksha meditation etc

 kauliki kriya meditation 


Nadanta Anandanatha is Nath Sampradayi and kaulika from North kerala .He left his multinational career in Search of Yogic wisdom of Srividya tradition. Nadanta anandanatha was the deeksha name given to Arjun karunakaran by guruji Amritanandanatha Saraswathy. Guruji Amritananda told him that he starts from where nada ends, so he gave him the name nadanta who starts from samadi and truely is in the bliss and blessed that he will be known to the whole world by this name . Nadanta  is the reflection of Srividya wisdom poured by Amritananda   .Nadanta creatrix  is a center for research or place for cultural and spiritual events established by Nadanata. Nadanta creatrix  promotes  Socio cultural and Spiritual Events  which mainly focus Spiritual Education and yogic training  headed by Nadanta / Arjunkarunakaran who is Spiritual Life coach ,stratergist and Advisor  . As this website is  Wisdom techniques for spiritual development program (shakta Aham)  and  to spread Spiritual Art of Nadanta. Nadanta means  one who is in divine Bliss and Creatrix is his shakti or matrix energetics, female creative energy  who bring forth or mother Goddess  . Nadanta creatrix training appication is competely a traditional approach of Spiritual  development through Srichakra Vidya an  ancient tantrik Wisdom techniques of bharata.

Tantra Theory, Practice and Applications 

Tanyate vistrayate jnanam anena iti tantra
Tantra is derived from the root Tan, knowledge is increased by it.Tantra a kind of shastra stands for a set of doctrines ,practices ,mystical syllabells ,metaphysical speculations,magic etc .Tantra is shastra which dilates up on tattwas and mantras .As per Eshana gurudeva paddhati tantra denotes sastra which expounds pasu,pasha,pati,shakti,vichara,kriyachara.tantric works are classified into Agama and Nigama which is further classifiedinto visnukranta,rathakranta , aswakranta or gajakranta according to thre places of origin. Again it can be classified into sadagama and asadagama which is astika and nastika. former is again divided into five. One of the five is shaktatantra which is again divided into ten mahavidyas.  anothe mode of classification is into kadi, hadi, sadi. the five face of shiva is representation of five function of shakti who is inherent in shiva , ishana face is chit or consciousness, tatpurusha face is Ananda or bliss, Sadyogata face is icha or will , vamadeva face is jnana or knowledge, Aghora face is kriya or action. there is one secret face called neelakantam Adhovaktram which is moksha or liberation. from the five face the five amnayas came l and the sixth amanaya anuttar came from the neelakandam 
There is no mantra higher than gurupaduka, no god higher than guru, no initiation higher than shakta and no merit higher than kula worship
Sadhana and Pancha tattwa


Sadhana or worship is the mean to acheivement of siddhi( sucsees ,power or goal). The way of sadhana are puja which is externa or mental, proper knowlege of shastras, japa or chanting mantra / prayers, tapas and rituals . According to kaula school sadhakas are divided into three pashu bhava which is worship with substitute , veera bhava worship in the literal sense  and Divya bhava which is pure yoga marga or direct path. kaula rahasya describes about panchatatwa and bhavatraya . it also describes sadhana dharama and samaja dharma .three main stages of kaula sadhana is shuddhi removing physical and mental impurties , sthithi which is getting rid of ignorance or darkness and bringin the light of knowledge . Arpana which is realisation of ones own identity with object of meditation.Upasana means sitting near to divine. with out upasana the presence does not fruitify .Divine is prsenr every where ,in human body also.  but it doesnot make any diffence for normal man till he takes step realise it in his consiousness or awarness. then he is close to divine.The panchatattwa of panchmakara worship changes in the three bhavas which has to be learned from Guru. kundalini,atma  puja, siddhi, purascharana,yoga and deha siddhi using herbs etc secrets which should be learned from kaula guru. ignorance that holds man in slavery to inferior nature cannot be dispelled by reading books or instructions by mouth. they give only mental understanding of the problem. solution comes only by living the knowledge, building life force for change in conciousness. every ine knows lamp can renove darkness. fetching ,lighting and keep it alight on the scene is sadhana. three steps or gradations of upasana .first step is worshiping  with external means to support dedication where union starts , second is less physical of name or mantra which invoke diety. third is meditation on the essence or light  and truth of diety which is higher and leads to yoga prakriya ,merging to divine light wherenyou feel oness and get absorbed into which is called samadi.  


Even when the god is wrath,Gurun is the Saviour;

But when Guru himself is annoyed ,there is no one to save .


Divine act through  Guru

Guru is father, guru is mother, guru is God maheswara, guruis the mother who carries the sseker in the wombof consiousness before giving birth intospiritual life. guru is the father who tends to the growth and welfare of the initiate in difficult path of sadhana. Guru  form his transendentsal station, maheswara in the form of Guru frees from animal bonds (from pasu to pasupati) what is acheived in the disciple as a result of spiritual power of guru doesnot depend upon his human capacitiesof Guru.when student surrender oneself to guru ,not personal attainment and lack of them decide .when student surrender oneself to guru the divine opens itself through it .guru functions as channel for aspirants in spiritual sadhana.guru True kaula guru is to be distinguisned not from his external appearance,rituals etc but only with the grade of knowledge and consciousness he has attained .He is one who is not lost miseries,desires,dissapointmentetc. he is content to what is given by divine and finds his happiness with in himself which is the divine bliss.Nothing disturbs him and all his energies flows to divine.He is not proud and never shows his powers of knowledge up on less fortunate for gain.parents have  a claim upon the gratitude because they have gave birth and reared , when parents physical birth Guru gives him greater birth and opens his eyes to the right path of life and gloriousnfuture in spirituality. Guru is the ultimate .when guru accepts one disciple , he him into himself ,make him part of his own being ,in the process ,takes his destiny upon himself .guru shares hislife and energy with disciple .Its is the intermingling of two consiousness till they become one ,samarasya. naturally all that disciple does his thoughts , his words , his actions has its own reaction in the being of guru.this is how the collective sin of the disciples, even bhaktas ,come and leave mark on the body of guru and even inflict physical damage .Guru Parampara keeps them away who really not surrender and are sinful  , so the mark inflict their own body and protect true guru

Dyana marga and Yoga sadha

Meditation path of tantra

Tantra is an ancient science which provide prctical techniques which can be practiced by men and women of every temperment and spiritual level. later tantra was wedded with philosophy which gave new form called yoga . sadhakas who have gone deep in tantras can understand the influence of varahai tantra  in patanjali astanga yoga. here guruji wanted to teach most important meditation technique in very simple manner , less time consuming for the wellness of human evolution. 


Meditation better way of life

Tantric meditation is the path for happiness which is explored by diving deep into infinite  mind which experiance a different kind of  peace which develops Ananda or happines called bliss. Mind works and responds  in different pattern which plays major role tan anything in our life. By changing your mind and increasing inner awarness of deeper working of your mind and it connecting to universal mind  , enjoyment and  spirituality is attained .Even though this wisdom originates from Hinduism like Ayurveda and other great shastra ,meditation do not offer any  opposition to religious or philosophical beleif or non beleif.It gives you better way of life.constant practice of meditation gives you better understanding and harmonius relationship with everybody in life .miraculus change in personality and behaviour which leads to a positive way of living.

Meditation and molecule of Life 

modern science research into our body have been able to build a structure called DNA molecule. this molecule transmit all charecteristic of father and mother to their children through sperm and ova. It is in every cell of the body. this molecule also play a fixed role in our life giving oders to our daily activities , apart from this our living atmosphere ,enviroment, circumstances, and interaction with others .so in tantra also same concept is told thousands of years back. In tantra cells are having consiousness , memeory of our past.all information is stored in single cell in the body, tantra says infinite knowledge exist within , because humans are the minimised version of universe .Few years back religion and science was too far . but know it has come closer and started accepting the wisdom of maharishis which brought us great cuture of bharata desha .


Meditation an Art of Happiness

The only reason of unhappiness and failure  is our mental programming. we wil start trying to gain happiness through satisfying our dirty ego which leads totally into selfishness. we misuse others to attain selfish ends . we use all ways and energy by pushing out for temporary gain. this kind of behavioural pattern results in tensions developed through  hatred , fear, anxiety,jealousy etc. continous attempt for this kind of happiness causes a negative results when we fail. Still we chase for temporary happiness which is not happiness . Once we start fighting for happiness and flow with life and nature meditation starts.  this reprogramming or rewiring your mind takes you into meditative state without effort and consiousness willstart to expand harmonizing our mind with pattern of sorroundings which gives peace . Maharishis of bharta desha has given this beautiful shastra / science which has created great Hindu culture which is now accepted by modern science also. This is the uniquenes our cuture . 

Enchantment therapy

"Manyate Eshwara Adhesha Anena Eti Mantra"

 Mantra is actually related to manas or mind . Systamatic practice like vichar, manan and chintan will lead to the Supreme goal mantar siddhi .Mantra can give both Spiritual and Material Results. Mantras are classified into Bija mantar , Moola mantra , Mala mantra etc. It is in the form of Purusha, Srti and Napumsaka . Mantra has traditional and systamatic way of practice which should be learned from Traditional Tantrik Sadguru.Mantra gives mental peace and happiness, by this mental Strength or manobala is attained .Manobala or mental Strenght plays  major role in curing various Desease or Roga. Mantras plays major role in puja, homa and tarpana.While reciting mantra it create vibration in the shat chakras and vayumandala.this higher freequency gives different results according to the mantra practiced.while chanting mantra waves created travels to akasha and beyond and hits in the soorya or sun and bounce back taking sookshma shakti of soorya  and enters into sookshma sharira of the person practicing the mantra wich is good for health and curing many of major desease. Even frm ancients time vibration of letters is used for attaining both material and spriritual benefit.


Water Therapy

Our body is made of panchbhootas or five elements ,Earth, water,Fire,Air, and space. natural fresh water which is not undergone any de energising through mechanical and chemical processing is divine. water have positive and negative pole like magnet attaching themselve to several other which  are sensitive to vibtrational influence, store and impress upon other. This is why water is main element in all spiritual and tantrik rituals . water act as the earth sensory organ in cosmic plane . water is the consiousness of what sorrounds it,of our thouht and feelings. In tantrashastar and ayurveda it is used aas the major element or tool in healing and material gain.  

rakshabhisheka, shaktabhishekam nityabishekam, kaladhara, rudrabhishekam etc are used for healing because water holds the vibration and gives ojas .   


Yantra Therpay

An Yantra is a symbolic representation of a Mantra. They are emblems of psychic power.. Deities are worshiped in different forms and each form has its own yantra. Yantras are used in meditation, Pujas and tantric rituals. Yantras can be made of various metals like copper, gold, silver, astadhatu, pancha loha etc. or a special leaf referred to as bhoja patra. The act of wearing, drawing, or concentrating on a yantra is said to have spiritual or astrological or magical benefits..yantras related to  five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether .yantra is first gone through samskaras for purifying and later peeta puja and prana pratishta is done.pancha gayatri is chanted to give life.other bija mantras like bija for seven days, nine grahas, 15 tithis etc  are written or chanted  to make it powerfull.theses all are performed on particular days  and particular time